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How To Turn Content Into Cash-flow: 3 Steps To Earn 6 Figures From Anywhere

This is for those who reject the corporate grind, life draining 9-to-5’s, and the ‘standard’ life plan…
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How To Turn Content Into Cash-flow: 3 Steps To Earn 6 Figures From Anywhere

Time & Location

21 Oct 2020, 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm GMT-7

About the event

We choose to create a life we enjoy now… A life built on the foundation of freedom and leverage... A life we don’t need a vacation from.

We turn content into cashflow leveraging 2020’s most in-demand skill that empowers us to earn money on our own time from anywhere in the world.

This is NOT a training on how to become a copycat guru or marketer.

This course WILL kickstart your path to becoming an expert at the ONE thing that businesses need now more than ever, and will empower you to live a life on your terms...

Tony Robbins says that a “life on your terms” is a fulfilled life.

Imagine possessing a skill that gave you the ability to design a “life on your terms,” and to work from anywhere in the entire world.

I’m not talking about some internet “fad” or get-rick-quick scheme that comes with empty promises of living on some beach, sipping on mai tai’s… (although I do love a good mai tai…)

I’m talking about the most in-demand, highest earning skill for 2020.

Now, you could take this skill and get yourself a 6-figure salary… But that’s not why most of you are here...

You’re here because you can’t stand the thought of working hard for something that you have no passion for…

Working for someone who doesn’t inspire you…

Working 8+ hours, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks per year, because ‘you have to’… And getting paid only based on the time you put in instead of the results you create. (hint: this will become the key to your freedom.)

In the past 18 months I’ve generated over 3M in sales with this one skill…

And I’ve compiled everything I know into 3 steps to getting started with this one skill and on your way to your first 6 figure year…

It’s all in this never before seen 1 hour masterclass below.

Go to: to register for the free training.

It’s been a long journey to get here…

To be in the position I am in today, living in beautiful San Diego CA, working out of my loft in Little Italy, watching the sunset across the pacific every night… I am truly grateful.

Life wasn’t always like this however…

Back before I generated my first 1M in sales…

Before I helped train over 300 entrepreneurs how to efficiently scale profits for their businesses.

Before I Founded and sold my first digital agency.

Before I learned to Tango while traveling through South America and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Before then… I was just a student bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s…

It’s funny going back to my local Trader Joe’s and seeing some of the same faces I used to work with over a decade ago!

And to be honest some of them are as happy as ever, and I love them for it…

It’s just not for me.

To be honest it was never for me….

The whole working for someone else thing…

The IDEA of my earnings being tied to a set of tasks given to me by someone else… and even if I were to complete those tasks early, efficiently, and effectively it wouldn’t matter…

I would just be given more endless tasks…

You see… This is when I learned to have TRUE freedom, you have to disconnect your ability to make money from the hours you put in a day.

In other words, if you provide something valuable, then you should get that value in return.

It doesn’t matter if it takes you 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days or 10 weeks to finish!

That concept stayed with me over the next 10 years as I studied entrepreneurs and experts everywhere I went.

And that concept is a core foundation of why I built this course, and what this training and my most successful businesses have focused on.

Successful being a product of time/money/fulfillment, not just money alone! (we’ll get more into this in the course).

I had some businesses that made money early on, (and ones that crashed miserably.)

But even when there was money... I knew I wanted more.

See, I grew up believing that in order to become successful, I had to get lucky.

I thought that all I had to do was find the right “train,” get on at the right time and THEN I may become successful…

I didn’t understand that I could actually create my own success…

By learning, developing, and crafting a skill that business pay BIG money for, and always will.

What is that skill?

The ability to bring any business a paying customer, for less than what the customer is worth to the business.

Go to: to register for the free training.

In this short master class I’m going to lay out for you exactly how I’ve been able to become financially independent with the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

You’re going to learn:

- How To Connect With HUNDREDS of Businesses Who Are Already Looking For Your Help, And Learn What To Offer Them.

- The Art Of Communication That Makes These Businesses Say “Yes” To Working With You… Even If You’re Just Starting Out.

- How To Profitably Generate Leads Through Paid Advertising For ANY Business In ANY Industry.

This LIVE online event is going to be a training that will give you the structure to go out and start making a difference, while making the money to provide you freedom of choice.

For those who would like the step-by-step in depth training, we will be offering a ONE TIME only special to join our online learning platform that teaches you the #1 skill to pay the bill for the rest of your life.

Join us for this special online event and together we’ll make the next year of your life, the best year of your life.

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